Patient Participation Group

We have a very active patient group at Miriam & Earlston & Seabank practices. Involving patients in the design of services is an integral part of the ethos of the practice. The group is currently co-chaired and usually meets twice every year. As we go forward, we look forward to developing a similar group at Field Road Health Centre and will be promoting the development of this initiative over the coming months. If you feel you can help us by becoming a member please give your details to the reception.

Virtual group
In addition to the above group, all patients who have provided their email address are informed of developments within the practice through a virtual group. Feedback is welcome on how to change services provided.

If you wish to join the Virtual Group again please provide Reception with your email address.

What you asked for…   What we did…
A change of magazines more often The magazines are being rotated regularly
A practice newsletter The next edition will be out shortly
A suggestion box for patients One has been placed in the waiting room
Photographs of the team and their
They have been placed on a board in the waiting
room and also on the patient information screen
Taller patient chairs in waiting room 3 chairs

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