Private Fees

Private Fees and Charges – Patient Services Charges Agreement

Effective 1st April 2019

This agreement between the Practice and patient lists the fees to be charged for private work.

Accepted methods of payment include: Cash or Cheques with debit card

Certificates/Reports without an exam Fee
Private fitness for work certificate/disabled bus pass £15.00
Holiday cancellation insurance certificate £35.00
Fitness to travel certificate (without exam) £35.00
Fitness to attend school/college/work certificate £15.00
Private healthcare claim form (BUPA, PPP, etc) £35.00
School fees insurance claim form £35.00
Letter for housing, benefits, DWP, appeal etc £35.00
Certificates/Reports with an exam Fee
Fitness to attend school/college/work certificate (with an exam) £80.00
Fitness for sport/racing/shotgun etc £80.00
Holiday cancellation examination and report £80.00
Insurance company report (without an exam) £50.00
Insurance company report (with an exam) £80.00
Employers report and opinion (report only) £80.00
Employers report and opinion (examination and report) £120.00
Solicitors report (without an exam) £80.00
Solicitors report (with exam), court of protection £120.00
Medical Examination Fee
Pre-employment medical £80.00
HGV, PSV, Taxi driver (patient paying) £80.00
Access to medical records (under Data Protection Act) Fee
Copies of records – manual &computer £50.00
Copies of computer records £20.00
Access to read records without copying £15.00

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