Practice Staff

Practice Managers:

Miriam – Mrs Sandra Davies

Earlston & Seabank and Field Road – Mrs Su Stephens                                                                                  Asst. Practice Manager – Mrs Lin Clarke

Finance Manager  – Ms Kaz Brearley

Customer Service Manager – Ms Heather Campbell

Reception Managers:
Miriam – Ms Allison Hughes                                                                                                                                Earlston – Mrs Debbie Bennett                                                                                                                              Field Road – Mrs Michelle Manning

The aim is to treat all patients promptly, courteously and in complete confidence. It is important you know who you are speaking to, so practice staff wear a name badge and identify themselves on the telephone. The receptionists’ role is to act as the link with the medical centre. When you telephone you may be asked for details of your problem, the more information you can give, the better they will be able to help.

Reception Teams:

Miriam:                                                                                                                                                              Amanda O’Connor (Group Secretary),  Mel Davies, Rebecca Birch, Ashleigh Toole, Bianca Crotty, Lauren Birks, Dan Wheeldon, Laura Madden, Emily Cummings and Nichola Stevenson .

Earlston & Seabank:                                                                                                                                                  Sue Mees-Harris, , Samantha McKay, Rebecca Gillam, Gary Thornton, Sian Jones, Natalie Bodell, Sue Bonner and Samantha Walters.

Field Road:                                                                                                                                                              Angela Wakefield, Alison Williams, Linda Pugh, Arlette Locke, Tracy Byrne Amanda Spalding and Sarah Cookson.

Primary Healthcare Team
The following staff are attached to the practice to support the medical team:
District nurses, Health Visitor, Community Midwives, Counsellors, Wirral Alcohol and Drugs liaison officer, and physiotherapy.

Health Visitors
The Health Visiting Team can give advice on health care and development for babies and children under the age of 5. They can be contacted on weekdays by telephoning 0151 514 2888 for Miriam, 0151 514 2341 for Earlston & Seabank and 0151 514 0219 for Field Road.

Midwives offer antenatal appointments at local children’s centres. A midwife holds a clinic at the practice on a Thursday afternoon; appointments are booked direct with the midwives.
The one to one midwifery team runs antenatal clinics and visits patients during the antenatal and postnatal periods. They offer ultrasound screening in the community and support pregnant women through the delivery including offered home birth support.

They can be contacted on 033 033 091 21 or through reception.

District Nurses
The district nurses are able to visit patients who are unable to attend the surgery and require nursing care. They can be contacted on 0151 514 2878  for Miriam, 0151 514 2338 for Earlston & Seabank and Field Road.

Community Matron
Community Matron supports patients with long term conditions and can be contacted on 0151 514 2878 for Miriam and 0151 514 2338 for Earlston & Seabank and Field Road.