Covid Vaccinations / Booster Vaccinations and How to Get Yours

We are currently booking Covid Boosters for patients aged over 50, working in health and social care, carers and those in a clinical risk group.

Miriam Medical Centre at Birkenhead Medical Building is one of two GP designated sites for Covid 19 Vaccination on the Wirral. This service is extended to all Adults aged 16+ as per government guidance.

If you have not yet been vaccinated, you can also register your interest to have the vaccination by sending your Full Name, GP, Date of Birth and Telephone contact details by email to: [email protected] or through our Miriam Primary Care Group App. You will be contacted with a vaccination appointment.

Walk-In Appointments

The vaccine service now offers walk-in appointments, the times are:

Monday to Friday
9am – 6.30pm


In the past few months, we have given around 100,000 vaccinations. Initially this service was for patients registered with practices in Arno Primary Care Alliance and North Coast Alliance, however this service is now open to all residents.

1. If you have any symptoms such as a new cough, high temperature, loss of smell or taste and other symptoms of Covid 19 you should postpone the vaccination
2. If you had a positive Covid test within the past 4 weeks – if yes , you should postpone the vaccination.
3. Have you ever had a severe Allergic Reaction or Anaphylaxis. Do you carry an EpiPen or Adrenaline injector ? – if so please discuss with the vaccinator or your GP.
4. Have you ever had bleeding or clotting disorder – Please discuss with the vaccinator the appropriate choice of vaccine.
5. You may be advised to wait up to 15 minutes after the vaccination to ensure you have no immediate side effect. In some cases, the vaccinator may extend this period for your own safety. PLEASE CO-OPERATE WITH THIS ADVICE.
6. Subject to availability we offer both Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccine

Planning & Research (GPDfPR)

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MPCG Mobile App


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